Dam tot Damloop (16KM Charity Run)



I will be running the 16KM Dam tot Damloop on 23rd September. This run will be in support of my team's chosen charity War Child.

For those of you unfamiliar with War Child, they are a charity involved in helping children effected by War and are active in Afghanistan, Iraq, DRC(Congo), Syria and many more.

The charity is involved in primary medical care, counselling and rehabilitation, rebuilding schoos and housing as well as the creation of safe havens.

Please help them by donating some of your precious pounds, euros or dollars. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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T-Mobile € 50,00
Dear Cameron,

As your employer we support your action offcourse.
Thanks for your effort.

Kind regards,
27 aug 2012

Streefbedrag € 250,00
Ingezameld € 50,00
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