Noëmi runs for War Child

Because no child should be part of war or conflict. Ever.

I am taking part in the War Child Urban Heroes Obstacle Run in order to help give children access to the education, protection, and psychosocial support they deserve.
It won't be easy, but neither is life for children in violent cities around the world. With determination (and support from friends) though, it will be possible!
Will you help me reach my goal of EUR96? This way War Child can support a child for a full year. Thanks in advance!

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WtP € 5,00
AlWays RememBer:
YOu are BraVer than you BeLieve,
StroNger than YoU Seem, SmArter than yOu ThiNk


mOre than YOu KnOw!
13 mei 2018
Afra € 16,10
So cool you're doing this, Noëmi. Succes!!
Noëmi: "Wow, thanks for the generous support Afra, and for helping me reach my goal exactly! :) I really appreciate it!!"
09 mei 2018
Saskia € 5,00
Go go go Noemi!
Noëmi: "Thanks so much for your generous donation and the encouragement Saskia! It's much appreciated!"
09 mei 2018
My great colleagues at War Child II € 2,00
And another donation from colleagues to support me in reaching my goal! Thank you!!
09 mei 2018
My great colleagues at War Child € 37,90
Huge thanks to all my colleagues at War Child for giving generously in exchange for a piece of cake. You've helped me get a lot closer to my goal!
06 mei 2018
Faryel € 10,00
Succes Noemi!
Noëmi: "Thanks so much Faryel! :)"
27 mrt 2018
mC € 20,00
Good luck!!!
Noëmi: "Thank you for your generous donation and motivation. :)"
15 mrt 2018
F € 5,00
Brave and courageous!

Push every boundary,
Stretch your limits,
Challenge everything!

You go for it, hero,
And enjoy the run!
Noëmi: "Every boundary? That sounds challenging. ;) Thanks for the donation and nice encouragement!"
13 mrt 2018

Streefbedrag € 96,00
Ingezameld € 101,00
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