running for WarChild

On September 23rd I will run 16km for War Child.

I usually run to feel free my mind...and it's only about me myself and I...
...this's about kids and to give them the possibility to run...for a better future...

...for this I NEED YOUR HELP...i cannot do it alone...

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Eva € 10,00
Great cause !!
Giuseppe: "Ciao Eva,
thank you very very much for the donation.
If you want to join us on Sunday and run the Dam2Dam let me know because we have some extra tickets at WarChild."
17 sep 2018
Fulvio € 20,00
Corri ragazzo vai....
Giuseppe: "Grazie Coslo....dovresti correrla con me questa :-)"
12 sep 2018
Francesca € 20,00
Super nice initiative!!!! I am with you!!!
Giuseppe: "Ciao Francesca, thank you so much for the donation...i really appreciate it!
if you want to join us and run the Dam2Dam on Sunday please let me know and i will arrange one or more tickets.
Grazie :-)"
12 sep 2018
Giulia € 10,00
Daje Pe! Forza Roma! :P
Giuseppe: "aho'!!!grazie mille....davvero!!!
Dovresti venire a correre pure tu....anche con la maglietta della Roma :-)"
12 sep 2018
Romina € 20,00
11 sep 2018
Diego € 20,00
Forza papa'!
Giuseppe: "grazie amore mio :-)"
11 sep 2018
Flora € 20,00
11 sep 2018
Evgin Aldemir € 10,00
Giuseppe: "Thank you my friend...if you want to run on Sunday let me know and i will arrange one or more tickets...
03 sep 2018
R+I+L € 20,00
Giuseppe: "Raffy, Ivo e Luca....thank you very very much...i will run for you guys as well :-)
a big hug"
29 aug 2018
Luigi € 10,00
07 aug 2018

Streefbedrag € 250,00
Ingezameld € 160,00
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Sharida14 aug 2018 - 11:57

Only 6 more weeks, we think you can do it Giuseppe!

Kind regards,
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