Team 9

War Child

Bottle Battleling for Brave Bright and Brilliant Boys in Bad Binds. Bringing Balance and Basic Bonds to Break Barriers and Bereavement. We Believe they Belong in Better Bearings and will Bout the other Bands to make it Be.

But let us Surely not Skip their Stout and Super Strong Sisters. For we Should Secure a Serious Safe Space for this Significant Society and Save them from Sorrow!

Bless you for Bringing your Bottle! Every Bit Benefits.
Submitting this, we Support the Suffering Sons and Sisters with a Safe Space. Side by Side we will Succeed!


Team 9: April Coetzee, Claudine Duran, Felicity Brown, Fiona Buruma, Gerylaine Campos, Jan de Waegemaeker, Machteld van Cooth, Marieke van den Ende, Rinske Ellermeijer and Tim Moltzer

Naam Bedrag Bericht Datum
Tim Moltzer € 5,00
13 mrt 2018

Streefbedrag € 461,00
Ingezameld € 5,00
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